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Foxtrot Fans
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Welcome to the Foxtrot Fans Livejournal Community!
The daily Foxtrot strip will be inserted, so join the community if you would like Foxtrot on your friends page daily! Have a favorite strip you want to share? Any interesting news? Feel free to post away!


Check out the cartoonist Bill Amend's personal site: here.

** Note: Occasionally, a broken image will occur. We have no control over Ucomics.coms servers, so whenever it is fixed by them, then it will automatically appear on the page. No reason to freak out as it is out of our hands. :)
ALSO: This community displays full-size FoxTrot comics so everyone can enjoy them No matter how much you whine, moan, and cry, you will never see them behind an LJ-cut. Just a word of warning for those of you who may not want images on thier friends page. Thanks again for understanding and ejoy.

Buy FoxTrot books.

Bill Amends site.

Also, check out-